Maneki Neko Markings

About Me

A psychic, named Elizabeth, told me that my journey would find me immersed in color, armed with a brush, pencil, pen or pastel - and creating.

It took a few decades of distraction, but I have finally stepped back on my path.  Once I retired from the work-a-day world, I found myself picking up a piece of charcoal, then colored pencils and markers, and finally pastels. Eventually, I surrounded myself with color.

I furthered my studies at the Pacific Arts League/Palo Alto, the Palo Alto Art Center, and the Bay Area Classical Artists Atelier.  My mentors include instructors Halcyon Teed (pastel),
Ray Mendieta (sanguine pencil), Tony Ryder (graphite), Carla Golder (colored pencil) and
Steve Curl (cartooning).  I have also studied with Ted Seth Jacobs (Restructured Realism), and the following artists for figure drawing:  Michael Grimaldi
Jon DeMartin, Juliette Aristedes, & Dan Thompson.

Portraiture (my primary focus) and (not-so) still life sit at one end of the creative spectrum.
At the other end are cartoons and caricatures - 
fodder for greeting cards.

Contact me at or call (650)464-1053 if you are interested in
purchasing a painting, drawing, illustration, or ordering a commission, or to make an appointment to see my studio @ The Art Center.

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